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Overview of Technology


Insight Ultra High Resolution LiDAR vs. Traditional LiDAR

Insight’s Ultra-High Resolution LiDAR offers 4-64x better resolution than even the most advanced LiDAR from other manufacturers. This ultra-high resolution enables autonomous vehicles to detect and identify objects at a much longer range, enhancing AV safety.

Level of Detail


Pedestrian Gesture Recognition

Insight’s FMCW LiDAR, with direct velocity measurement, is sensitive enough to detect subtle pedestrian movements such as head and shoulder turns. Just as human drivers predict a pedestrian’s intent by watching body movement, perception teams can now predict pedestrian intent via Insight’s direct velocity measurement.

Pedestrian Gesture Recognition – Close-Up

This zoomed in shot highlights Insight’s very low minimum detectable velocity. The velocity map clearly shows arm and leg movement as well as subtle head and shoulder turns. With this extreme level of detail, perception software is able to predict pedestrian movement enabling higher AV safety levels. Traditional LiDAR takes 5-10x longer to generate the same information.

The Power of Direct Velocity


Pedestrian Safety

Traditional LiDAR has difficulty picking individual pedestrians our from a group. This leads to delays in decision making when one emerges from a crowd and enters the street. Insight LiDAR, with Direct Velocity Measurement, senses velocity in every pixel. Insight LiDAR detects and identifies this movement 5-10x faster than traditional LiDAR, a critical advantage for AV safety.

Can Insight LiDAR Detect Transverse Velocity?

One common misconception about FMCW Doppler LiDAR is that transverse velocity cannot be detected. Insight LiDAR’s Direct Velocity Measurement is sensitive enough to detect cars pulling out of a parking space adding another layer of safety for AV manufacturers.

Long-Range Object Detection and Tracking

Direct Velocity and Reflectivity are combined in this video highlighting Insight LiDAR’s ability to detect and track objects out to 250m or more.