Two Models To Give Your Car INSIGHT

Insight 1600

Highest Resolution on the Market

Insight 400

Affordable and Optimized


Ultra-High Resolution FMCW LiDAR Enables Safe Autonomous Vehicle Operation


Designed for

Highest resolution on market (1600 pts/deg2)​

Optimized for front‑facing applications​

Highest probability of object identification on the market​

More than 20 pixels on a pedestrian at 200 m​

Compact - 6.5 x 6 x15 cm​

Low Cost - <$300 in volume ​


Perfect for

High resolution (400 pts/deg2)​

Optimized for rear facing and entry ADAS applications​

25% less expensive​

35% smaller – 5.5 x 5 x 13 cm ​

Both Units Provide:
Velocity in every pixel​

Solid-state fast-axis scan​

> 200 m range to 10% R target​

Multiple returns with every pixel​

Immune to sunlight/other LiDAR​

Low-cost semiconductor/PIC architecture​

High reliability fiber-less system​

Self-aligning, self calibrating​


A Better Product For A Safer Ride


Compare Insight LiDAR to Legacy systems:

Original Image Legacy LiDAR
Modified Image Insight LiDAR
FMCW Detection
Long range​

Direct velocity​

Interference immunity ​

Coherent gain​

FMCW processing gain​
"Better" FMCW Implementation
Very low noise laser​

Highly linear sweep​

Very fast sweep (steps ½ billionth of a second)​

Self-calibrating sweep​

Very low noise electronic detection (2-3x)​

Long imaging distance ​

Low loss architecture​
Ultra-High Resolution
4-64x better​

Small object detection​

Long range classification​

Enhanced safety​

Non-Mechanical Fast Axis
Critical for ultra-high resolution​

High reliability​

Flexible scanning​

Very low cost​

Enabled by Insight’s wide-tuning laser PIC​

Very low loss​
Full Chip-Level Architecture
Low cost​

High reliability​


Insight LiDAR Sets the Performance Threshold

  Requirements Insight 1600 Comparison Competitors
Max Resolution Sufficient resolution to identify pedestrians and small objects at distance 1,600 pts/degree2 4x to 64x better 25-400 pts/degree2
Range 10% Reflectivity >200m >250m 50m better than best >200m
FOV (degrees) 100x30 120x30 Same 120x30
Weather >200m in rain/snow Yes Key FMCW Advantage Degraded performance
Interference (sunlight, other LiDAR) None None Key FMCW Advantage Degraded performance
Direct Velocity Big advantage Yes Key FMCW Advantage No (Time of Flight LiDAR)
Size As small as possible 6.5x6x15cm
60% smaller Approx. 1500 cm3
Cost <$500 <$300 60% to 8x less expensive $500-$3,000


Low Cost Enables Broader Deployment with Very Wide Adoption​


Levels of Implementation:

Cost per Vehicle with

Competitor's Average Cost: Over $1000

Cost per Vehicle with

Competitor's Average Cost:
Over $2000

Cost per Vehicle with

Competitor's Average Cost:
Over $3000

Cost per Vehicle with

Competitor's Average Cost:
Over $4000